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Women in Plateau block highway, Calls for release of youth over killing of fulani leader

In large numbers, women again stopped the Jos-Shendam highway on Thursday morning in the Panyam community in the Mangu Local Government region of Plateau State in protest at the detention of some youths in connection with the murder of the Fulani leader in the region, Idris Adamu.

Following the arrest of the district head and a few locals, Plateau Watch reported on Wednesday that the ladies stopped the same road and demanded their release.

The district chief, Da Aminu Darwam, was eventually released, but security is currently looking into the other three kids.

The youth was detained by members of Operation Safe Haven, a multi-security team responsible for preserving peace in the state, in relation to the alleged murder of Fulani Ardo from the neighbourhood.

The victim was assassinated on Saturday while he was returning from a visit to the district chief of the area by as-yet-unidentified criminals.

According to our correspondent, drivers who were playing the road became stranded and several of them made a u-turn.

The OPSH’s spokesperson, Captain Oya James, confirmed the event on Thursday and told Plateau watch that it’s possible the women were protesting the three people’s detention over the killing of the local Fulani leader, adding that the situation had been brought under control.

“The situation has been brought under control,” he declared. The people who were arrested are being looked into. The main suspect, though, is still at large. The three suspects are the subject of an inquiry.

The OPSH swore on Monday to find those responsible for the local Fulani leader’s murder and recover the victim’s remains.

In the villages of the Mangu LGA, there have been numerous confrontations, primarily between farming groups and pastoralists, in which hundreds of people have died.

Following the efforts of security forces to restore peace and harmony between the unsettling parties, the region has recently seen a gradual return of tranquilly in parts of the impacted towns.

However, considering that there has been a largely peaceful environment in the region, the assassination of the Fulani leader has drawn significant outrage from several sources.

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