Why Prospective Couples Should Cohabite Before Getting Married – Singer Simi Explains

Nigerian singer, Simi, expressed her views on the importance of couples living together before marriage in a recent interview with online personality, Temisan.

In the video that surfaced today, Saturday, January 27, 2024, the Woman crooner shared her perspective on the idea of cohabitation, stating, “I personally think that people that want to get married should spend time, live together for a little bit before they do that. That’s what I think. Its not by force.”

Simi elaborated on her belief, highlighting that living together allows individuals to witness various facets of their partner’s personality, beyond their best behavior in public. She emphasized the importance of experiencing different situations, such as crankiness, hunger, waking up in the morning, or snoring, to truly understand if they can envision a lifetime together.

“Because I don’t think you really know someone that you are going to marry until you cohabit. Because the way someone is when they are outside in their best behaviour is different from the way they are when they are cranky and they haven’t eaten or when they wake up in the morning or when they are snoring. It’s just that when you live with someone and you know all the sides to them. That’s when you really known if you can do forever with them,” She explained.

While acknowledging that many have successfully navigated marriage without living together beforehand, Simi expressed that a short period of cohabitation could provide valuable insights. She concluded by emphasizing that the choice to live together before marriage is not obligatory, respecting individual preferences.

“I mean people have done it, obviously millions of people have done it without living together. i just personally think that it’s a good idea to try.it doesn’t have to be for long sef. Just a little bit I think. But it’s not by force o if you don’t want to do it,” She stated.

Recall that the mother of one had earlier identified herself as a feminist, advocating for women’s freedom to choose their life paths, now she has shared her thoughts on the ongoing discourse on modern relationships and marital dynamics.

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