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Water and gasoline-powered cooking stove designed by Kano Twins

Twins Hassan and Hussain Muhammad Nawad, who were born in Kano, are today utilising the countless chances provided by technological advancements around the world. The 14-year-olds created a cooker that cooks for more than five hours using a combination of petrol and water as fuel.

The battery powers an engine on the battery-operated stove, which then propels the water and petrol to ignite the fire.

The twins said they had been preparing to use their intellect to create something valuable for people in an interview with Daily Trust on Saturday. Their parents have reportedly been very supportive with advice and counselling, which has helped mould their fantasies and ideas and turn them into reality. According to them, they typically discuss ideas just before going to sleep or when they are playing.

Hassan claimed that the concept for the cooking stove originated when they were still in primary school, or roughly five years ago. “I’ve been considering how gas creates fire for cooking and the idea of producing something that will even make the procedure easier by employing an electronic technique to give the fire through the use of water and petrol. We started from there and here we are today.

“However, the petrol and water will not reduce in this situation. Months may pass before a litre is even reduced. It can take almost a year before you realise it has gotten black and then you can alter it. The associated battery and little engine will only propel the water and petrol to create a flammable atmosphere that will start the fire, the speaker said.

The other twin Hussaini added, “The water is not ordinary water; it has been combined with salt and alum. You’ll find a tiny engine within the container that generates the wind needed to move the petrol and water.

In light of the nation’s current economic predicament, he claimed that, if correctly applied, their proposal may lighten people’s burdens while also promoting economic progress.

“We aim to start a transformation inside the northern Nigerian youth circle. Although we have the talent, we have seen that we are falling behind. To provide employment possibilities and offer people a sustainable and simpler way to live, we just need to be productive enough.

Hassan and his twin brother Hussaini developed an electric sprayer when they were still in secondary school, specifically SS2. It can be used to spray herbicides or insecticides as well as irrigate flowers.

Rechargeable batteries are used by the sprayer. They claimed that if completely charged, it could operate for 10 days.

“All you need to do to keep using it is charge it if you have a garden and wish to spray. This will also be very helpful. It is the most straightforward thing we have ever created.

Next up for us

The twins claim that after developing a successful cooking stove and sprayer, they will move on to their next project, which is to create a battery that can supply AC current to replace power in homes.

“Our next project is a battery, which we have started already. It is a 12-voltage battery that will give a.c current, enough to operate fans, fridge, TV and more in households. It is a big project but we will surely do it. Presently, we have some challenges. Some of the materials are not available and we have to wait until we get them,” they said.

They said apart from that, they are also planning to create more gadgets that will be useful to the society, adding that they are more concerned about easing the pains and difficulties people go through every day, especially the masses.

Our future ambitions

Speaking on their future ambitions, the twins said they want to study technology related courses in the university after graduating from secondary schools and hope to go to Europe or any other developed countries to gain more experience and training.

“We have big plans and in the near future, we will create more things. For the stove, we want to modernize it and add more burners. We want to produce one with up to five or six burners for large household use and other functions.

“All we need now is support and mentoring to widen our horizon. We have interest in many things that are relevant to technology. We always watch young boys like us or even below our ages who are doing excellently technology wise, in developed countries. We want to go to such places and get trained to do more,” Hussaini said.

Why youth should join creative industry

The twins enjoined youths and teenagers to join the creative industry, using the technology. They said their mates are inventing useful items in their countries, so it is time for those of them in Nigeria to start competing with their contemporaries all over the world.

“We are always encouraged whenever we see young boys making it in the field of technology in other countries. We want to see that transformation here in Africa. But the challenges we are facing are enormous.

“Sometimes, we don’t have the equipment and materials needed. We have to wait or even abandon the project because of that. But I believe our government can key into this kind of initiative to support the youths. Through that, we can fight unemployment which is bedevilling the nation.”

The twins further urged the youths to emulate what they are doing to support the general public. They also appreciated the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) for supporting them with materials and also giving them access to their technological lab to work on their projects.

“CITAD supported us with some of the materials and equipment. They also gave us access to their workshop, where go every day to do our work. This is really encouraging and supportive.”

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