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UNIJOS Sets Tuition Fees At N110,000 For Returning Students And N140,000 For New Students

Following widespread criticisms by students of University of Jos and the general public, the school management has announced a downward review of the school fees charges.

According to a statement seen by JoeyOffAir, returning students will now pay the sum of ₦110,000 while new students will pay ₦140,000 which is exclusive from acceptance fee (nonrefundable). Meanwhile, foreign students are to pay ₦640,000 for fresh students and N610,000 for returning students.

Recall that in July, the University of Jos announced a proposed increment of school charges due to increased cost of running the university. However, the Student Union Government (SUG) strongly expressed their disapproval towards the increase stating in a press release “no school charges increment will be accepted”.

The revised fee system has been met with mixed reactions, with students expressing their concerns over the increase in fees and the perceived lack of transparency in the decision-making process.

We are the ones directly affected by these changes, and our opinions should not be disregarded” says Sanni Haarith, a mass communication final year-student, on hearing the breaking news of the unveiling of new charges structure.

Another student, Agape Harrison, expressed her frustration, saying, “I am not prepared for the magnitude of this fee hike. I am still struggling to understand the justification behind these exorbitant fees”.

When asked about the decision-making process, the University of Jos management stated that the new charges structure was necessitated by various factors, such as rising operational costs, the need to improve infrastructure, and enhancing the quality of education provided.

However, this explanation has not appeased the disheartened students who argue that alternative solutions ought to be explored in considering and listening to the voices of students before burdening them with such hefty charges.

It is worth noting that there have been discussions and proposals regarding affordable education, including student loans and financial assistance such as the Students’ Loans Scheme, under the Student Loans Bill signed into law by President Tinubu will go into implementation ahead of the next academic session in September, saying the Federal Government will also strengthen other mechanisms to support indigent students.

The release of the new charges structure has also sparked conversations about accessibility to education and the potential impact on enrollment figures. Critics argue that this increase in fees may dissuade deserving and talented individuals from pursuing higher education, particularly those from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.

The management of the University of Jos recently released an internal memorandum in a bid to ease the transportation difficulties occasioned by the removal of subsidy on PMS on staff and students has resolved to continue with the transportation scheme.

Furthermore, management has approved that the buses will ply the following routes;

Plateau Secretariat Roundabout through British American Junction – Plateau Private – Tina Junction – Angwa Rukuba – University Staff Quarters Gate – Bauchi Ring Road – Naraguta Campus.
Polo Roundabout – St Murumba – Faringada – Naraguta Campus.
Departure time from each of the approved departure points is 7:30 AM daily. The buses will depart the university at 4 PM daily except Saturday and Sundays. Also tickets can be purchased at the point of entry at ₦100 per drop.

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