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Troops yet to locate body of murdered Fulani chieftain in Plateau – OPSH

According to Operation Safe Haven, a multi-security team tasked with keeping peace in Plateau, Bauchi, and Southern Kaduna, the body of murdered Fulani chieftain Adamu Idris has yet to be located.

Idris, the Ardo (Fulani leader) of the Panyam District of Plateau State’s Mangu Local Government Area, was assassinated Saturday evening.

The late Idris was allegedly murdered while returning from a visit to Panyam’s District Head, and the whereabouts of his body are unknown.

On Monday, Captain Oya James, the operation’s spokeswoman, indicated that a search team had been assigned to the region to hunt for the corpse, and that the command will do all necessary to discover it.

According to Captain James, the perpetrators of the crime would undoubtedly be apprehended and prosecuted.

He urged residents to keep calm, stating, “We are looking for the perpetrators of the incident.” It was a very tragic situation. Since Saturday am, troops have been searching for the criminals, who must be brought to justice.”

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