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Tragic Murder of Chalya: Demanding Justice, Accountability – Plateau Women Comm.

It is with deep sorrow and unwavering determination that we address the tragic and senseless murder of Grace Chalya Silas, a promising young woman who, as a serving corps member, was actively contributing to the betterment of our society. Grace was a dedicated graduate of Special Education from the University of Jos and a beloved citizen of Plateau State. Her life was brutally taken from us as she pursued a simple and healthful activity – jogging. We mourn the loss of a daughter of Plateau State, and we demand justice for Grace.

This heinous act has sent shockwaves throughout our community, and we stand united with Grace’s grieving family, her friends, and the entirety of our state. We join the chorus of voices across the nation in a resolute call for both the Federal Government and the Kaduna State Government to ensure that the perpetrators of this vile crime are swiftly identified and brought to justice. The tragic loss of Grace Chalya Silas must not become another statistic in the grim list of unresolved murder cases.

As the Ministry of Women Affairs in Plateau State, we pledge to closely monitor the progress of this case. We are committed to providing support to Grace’s family, facilitating the pursuit of justice, and offering solace during these trying times. We shall tirelessly advocate for a comprehensive and transparent investigation into this matter, ensuring that justice is served and that Grace’s memory becomes a symbol of hope and a commitment to a just and caring society.

We urge all relevant authorities to act swiftly and decisively in their pursuit of justice. The memory of Grace Chalya Silas serves as a stark reminder that we must not stand idle when such acts of violence occur in our midst. We must come together to ensure that justice prevails and man’s inhumanity to man comes to a halt.

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