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Supreme Court Verdict: Plateau APC Congratulates Mutfwang

Honourable Rufus Bature, Chairman of the All Progressives Congress in Plateau State, has congratulated Plateau State Governor Caleb Mutfwang on his Supreme Court triumph.

Plateau APC Chairman, in a statement issued through the party’s spokesman Sylvanus Namang and made available to Saturday Independent, said, “This hard-earned victory, which came after a long drawn-out legal battle, has put an end to the question of who is the actual winner of the Plateau state governorship election in 2023.”

“With Governor Caleb Mutfwang’s confirmation by the Supreme Court which has the final say on the legal tussle, we urge the governor to see his victory as a call to service and concentrate on governance taking into cognisance the urgent need for fairness, justice and inclusivity.”

The APC Chairman specifically requests that Governor Mutfwang, in the true Plateau spirit, review some of the hasty decisions he made upon taking office on May 29, 2023, particularly the removal of workers employed by his immediate predecessor and the dissolution of elected Local Government Council Chairmen and Councillors.

“To ensure a peaceful, stable and prosperous Plateau State, the Governor should see himself as a father of all especially given the complexity of our beloved State as a miniature Nigeria where every ethnic nationality is found.”

Bature went on to say that in order for Plateau State to reclaim its former glory as the true Home of Peace and Tourism, genuine reconciliation is required, which informs the need for an apolitical and all-inclusive stakeholders engagement in which solutions to the incessant carnage that has engulfed our beleaguered state, with hundreds of precious lives lost and uncountable properties destroyed, will be proposed.

The Plateau APC Chairman praised Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda, the party’s gubernatorial candidate, for his tenacity, perseverance, and sportsmanship as a real democrat who believes in the rule of law and pursued his case calmly and without malice.

He wished Governor Mutfwang the best of luck in his future aspirations as a loyal son of Plateau State and a consummate democrat with good intentions for the Plateau State of our dreams.

As a party, the APC Chairman reiterates the party’s firm trust in our courts as true arbiters of disputes and conflicts, ensuring the progress and stability of our fledgling democracy.

“Just as the Party had called on its members to remain calm before, during and after the Supreme Court ruling which they did”

Bature commended their patriotism as true lovers of peace and progress of his dear state.

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