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Senate amends regulations, establishes 9 new committees

In an effort to facilitate the establishment of nine new committees, the Senate amended its standing rules.

The amendment stipulates that senators running for the positions of Senate President and Deputy President must have served for at least one term in office.

The adjustment came after a proposal was discussed and approved on Tuesday in plenary.

Sen. Opeyemi Bamidela was the main proponent of the motion, which was headed “Amendment of the Standing Orders of the Senate Pursuant to Order 109 at the Senate Standing Orders, 2022, as Amended.”(APC – Ekiti).

In his lead speech, Mr. Opeyemi stated that the Senate Standing Rule had previously been revised on August 5 to include provisions for the formation of committees and other various adjustments.

In order to allow for the formation of extra-senate committees, he claims that a number of concerns necessitate further revisions.

This, he claimed, was in reaction to new innovations that would improve procedural laws for effective legislative practice.

According to him, recent events have made it necessary to further change the standing orders in order to create new committees and reflect their responsibilities in the orders.

He implores the Senate to take the suggested revisions into consideration and pass them as it sees right.

Atomic and Nuclear Energy, which will monitor the Nigeria Nuclear Energy Regulatory Commission, the Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission, and their yearly budget projections, is one of the newly established committees.

The FCT and FCT Area Council committees are among the others.

The future Federal Capital Territory’s planning and development, as well as the regulation of development there and its yearly budgets, will be under the jurisdiction of the Committee on FCT.

The Auditor-General for the Area Council, the Area Council Service Commission, the Area Council Staff Pension Board, and any other FCT-affiliated organization or department fall under the purview of the Committee on FCT Area Councils.

In order to better reflect the Committee on Sports Development and the Committee on Youth and Community Engagements, the Committee on Sports was divided into two permanent committees.

The Federal Ministry of Sport Development, National Lottery Commission, National Institute for Sports, Nigeria Football Federation, Sports Arena Development, national and international sporting events, sports administration, and annual budget estimates are all included in the Committee on Sports Development.

The Federal Ministry of Youth Development, National Youth Service Corps, Citizens and Leadership Training Centre, Offices of the Senior Assistants to the President on Community Engagement in the six geopolitical zones, youth movement activities and associations, and its annual budget estimates will fall under the purview of the Committee on Youth and Community Engagements.

The Committee on Solid Mineral Development and the Committee on Mines and Steel Development were two divisions of the Committee on Solid Minerals, Steel Development, and Metallurgy.

The Federal Ministry of Solid Mineral Development, the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency, the Mining Cadastre Office, the Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geoscientists, the Nigerian Metallurgical Training Institute, the Solid Minerals Development Fund, the Nigeria Institute of Mining and Geoscience, the National Metallurgical Development Center, exploration of minerals extraction and quarry, geological survey and minerals investigation

The Committee on Mines and Steel Development would supervise the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, the National Iron Ore Mining Company, the National Steel Raw Material Exploration Agency, the Aluminum Smelting Company of Nigeria, and their budgets.

The Committee on Tourism and the Committee on Culture and the Creative Economy are two more.

As a result, the Senate gave the rules and business committee instructions to update the Senate Standing Orders.

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