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Riyom transition chairman inspects installation of 150mm2 high-tension cables

Sati Shuwa, the chairman of the transition committee for Riyom Local Government, has pledged that his administration will solve the persistent problem of unstable electricity supply in Riyom and its surroundings.

Inspecting the installation of the 150 mm2 High-tension Cables at Ganawuri, which were vandalised in 2016, the Chairman made this statement.

The Transition Committee Chairman, who was in charge of inspecting the project, revealed that upon taking office, he learned that the 33kv line surrounding the Ganawuri axis had been vandalised, leaving the Riyom and Ganawuri districts without energy for an extended period of time.
The Plateau State Ministry for Water Resources and Energy, he claimed, was consulted for guidance on how to relight the impacted districts.

Sati Shuwa expressed her pleasure with the quality of the work completed thus far by the Committee in charge of the project after inspecting the extent of the work there.

He emphasised the project’s importance to his administration and the socioeconomic health of the community.

Members of the Communities who receive direct benefits were recommended to keep them by the chairman of the Transition Committee.

The Chairman gave the populace assurances that the current Local Government administration will continue to launch initiatives that were consistent with the goals and objectives of the Governor Caleb Mutfwang administration.

Engineer Silas Pyaghar described how the 33Kv line that is undergoing rehabilitation runs from Kwol in the Basa Local Government to the districts of Ganawuri and Riyom.

The Transition Committee Chairman was reassured by Pyaghar, the site engineer and a director from the Plateau State Ministry of Water Resources and Energy, that they were prepared to finish the project by the deadline.

Sati Shuwa, the chairman of the transition committee for the Riyom Local Government, has stated his willingness to work with organisations and people who are prepared to further the region’s development and peace.

This was said by Sati Shuwa while he was in the audience with the Community Accountability Forum (CAF), a non-governmental organisation that paid him a visit out of courtesy.

While praising the visit, the Chairman asked them to support Governor Caleb Mutfwang in his efforts to bring development to their doorsteps.

The Chairman of the Forum and the Ataa Atten of Ganawuri Yakubu Chaimang had earlier informed him that they were in his position and would be celebrating his appointment by Governor Caleb Mutfwang with him.

The Community Accountability Forum (CAF) was started by Equal Access International and Clean Foundation to raise knowledge of early warning systems and emergency procedures to lessen the likelihood of crises and attacks in Riyom Communities, according to the Ataa Atten.

In order to help the Chairman succeed in his task, the Forum named him its Patron and promised him support.

The Community Accountability Forum is made up of the local Muslims and Christians as well as all of the security directors in Riyom.

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