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Rigwe leaderships condemns incessant killings by fulani militias at Adu village of Plateau, calls for arrest of perpetrators 

Following an attack at Du village of Kwall District, Rigwe Chiefdom of Plateau State in Nigeria, while other Nigerians celebrated the 63rd anniversary of their independence with elation, joy, and happiness, the Rigwe People were overcome with tears, grief, and sadness.

This is without a doubt related to the men of the underworld’s ongoing destruction of human life and attempts to eradicate the Rigwe race.

The first Sunday in October 2023 should be known as “Black Sunday” because the entire country has been in grief and has shed many tears.

Around 2010 hours, the Fulani Militias stormed the neighbourhood, positioned themselves near the sleeping bodies of innocent victims, and rained bullets on them till they were rendered lifeless and breathless.
Minutes later, the horrible act was still being carried out, and it ended with roughly eight (8) individuals dead and about five (5) others who were injured and are still being treated at several unnamed hospitals.

The regrettable development and incidence has left the Rigwe Nation not only upset but also profoundly dejected and brokenhearted, especially in light of how peaceful and welcoming the Rigwe people have lived and continue to live.

The heads of the Rigwe Traditional Council, Irigwe Development Association (IDA), and Irigwe Youth Movement (IYM) have all voiced their deep sorrow over the attack and strongly condemned it, assuring the populace that they will work nonstop to stop the bloodshed in the region.

“This thing must stop and it is enough. We can’t continue allowing these marauders continue unleashing mayhem in the land. Our ancestral  land is a God-given and her people cannot be evicted and ejected. We will do everything possible to guard, secure and safeguard it and ensure it is passed to generation to come “- The leaderships affirmed. 

Kids between the ages of 9 and 11 were among those slaughtered, demonstrating the marauder’s worst act of wickedness. This demonstrates their character as callous individuals who should not coexist with kindhearted people.

The leadership has urged the security officers to apprehend those responsible for this heinous conduct right away and bring them to justice with all the force of the law.

“They people are known.They are not ghosts nor invisible. They had made threatening statements particularly to the community in question and it has been affirmed and confirmed. The leaderships of Miyetti Allah, Gan Allah should be arrested immediately for justice to be served “- The leaderships added

The leadership further requests that Plateau State Governor Barr Caleb Mutfwang move swiftly to restore peace and calm the situation by dispatching security officers to the chiefdom’s most vulnerable areas.

“We appeal to the Rigwe people to remain peaceful and law abiding citizens as we are known and increase surveillance and security consciousness with a view of reporting any irregular movement.”- The leaderships concluded. 


Persons Killed including;

1. Yohanna Zehwhie – 35 -year old

2. Avu Goji – 18

3. Tingwie Nko – 38

4. Shara Danjuma – 9 

5. Williams Danjuma – 11

6. Afiniki Sunday – 25

7.Wala Boyi – 17

8. Gani Doglas- 28

Persons Injured

1. Rondo Peter- 18

2. Boma Sunday -45

3. Geoffrey David – 19

4 Tini Thomas -14

5. Joseph Monday – 25

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