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Provost of Plateau college of health guarantees visitation panel cooperation

In an effort to assure good performance of all State-owned Tertiary Institutions, Plateau State Executive Governor Caleb Mutfwang has established the visiting Panel to the College of Health Technology, Pankshin.

The eight-person inspection panel recently made a familiarisation visit to the college to assess its state of development and its problems before reporting back to the state government within two weeks.

The Chairperson of the Visitation Panel, Prof. Na’omi Rugu, spoke to the College’s Management team in the Boardroom and explained that the group was there on a familiarisation tour to learn more about the institution before the day’s business began. She also stated that the Committee members would require the assistance and support of the Management team to be successful as they prepare to engage with the College Community.

Prof. Rugu continued by saying that the members of the College’s visitation panel committee were not present to “witch-hunt” either the management staff or the students but rather to improve methods for how the College would grow better than they met during their visitation exercise.

The Team Leader insisted that, under Bar’s capable direction, the visitation will live up to the eight (8) terms of references provided to them by the Time is Now administration. Caleb Mutfwang’s administration places a high priority on education.

In response, Dr. Prince Francis Fwangje, the College Provost, thanked Bar. Caleb Mutfwang, the Executive Governor of Plateau State, for taking the quick action and initiative to immediately form the Visitation Panel to all State-owned Tertiary Institutions in order to determine the level of development and their challenges in order to find solutions on the way forward, but he also assured the Visitation Panel of the maximum cooperation and support of both the Management and Staff.

The Provost also said that the Governor’s decision to create the visitation panel is a good one and that it comes at the appropriate time, and he informed the panel’s chairperson that all the information the team would want would be made available to them straight away to make their job simpler.

The gazette of the statute establishing the College and its mandate was one of the documents that the College Management had available to show to the visitation panel.

The Provost took the members of the visitation panel on a tour of all the college’s facilities after an interactive session with the management staff of the college in the Boardroom. Among the facilities inspected were the classrooms, Dariye Auditorium Hall, the female hostels, the college demonstration clinic, and the college library. The visitation panel’s chairperson expressed disappointment over the dilution of the facilities throughout the tour.

The visitation panel’s chairperson and other panel members also spoke to the Students Union Government (SUG), instructing them to prepare memos outlining pertinent details, grievances, observations, or suggestions for the panel and submit them.

The visitation panel for the Pankshin and Zawan Colleges of Health Technology has been given the mandate to examine the laws establishing the institution and the extent to which they are being complied with by the appropriate authorities, as well as to recommend any necessary changes to the laws that will improve the achievement of the goals.

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