Prominent Cultural Festivals in Plateau State

Plateau State is the Home of Peace and Tourism but we can also add Culture and Festivals which are celebrated all year round.

All tribes and local government councils have one of such festival or the other.

Most of these festivals are a celebration of life, rains, good soil, bountiful harvest, unity, dining of age and an opportunity to unite.

A few are given much prominence but that does not mean others are of less importance.

Here, we take a look at some of the most prominent and popular festivals in Plateau State.

NZEM BEROM – This is a festival celebrated by the Berom people and ushers in the rains and proffer thanks to the gods for a good harvest. The festival is held between April to May and is an avenue for Berom sons and daughters both at home and the diaspora to celebrate their culture with great pomp.

PUUS KAT – This is an annual festival celebrated by the Mwaghavul tribe. Puus Kaat,  which means a day of of gathering or meeting day, is an annual cultural festival of the Mwaghavul tribe in Mangu local government area of plateau state. Like the Nzem Berom, Puus Kaat is celebrated between April and May to usher in the raining season and thank the gods for a good harvest while preparing for the next farming season.

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PUUSDUNG – Puusdung  Festival is a festival synonymous with the Ngas people. It was first staged in 1988 at
Nefur Arena in Pankshin and since then, has remained the greatest, largest gathering of the Ngas people both at home and abroad, who see it as a platform to unite and bond together.

ILLUM OTAROK- Ilum Otarok is an annual event that depicts the culture and tradition of the Tarok people of Plateau State. It has also been a uniting force for the Tarok people to come together as one family.

VWANG – The Vwang Festival is the cultural festival of the Mupun people. The festival is aimed at bringing the Mupun sons and daughters together and also to celebrate the bountiful harvest. The festival also celebrates circumcision of young boys into manhood.

IZERE: The Izere Day is set aside to mark the existence and historic culture of the IZERE kingdom. The Izere people are a tribe in Nigeria and precisely found in Plateau northern district.

Like we said earlier, these festivals are inexhaustible and if yours is not included in this list, kindly notify us with the specifics so we can update the list.

You can contact via a Direct Message (DM) and we will engage and guide you on how to go about it.

Remember on Plateau Watch, we tell our story.

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