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Plateau’s Scenic Rides Await: Be Part of Sen. Pam Mwadkon Dachungyang Cycling Competition

The cycling community is gearing up for a thrilling ride at the Sen. Pam Mwadkon Dachungyang Cycling Competition, slated for July 5, 2024.

Join us for the ultimate cycling adventure at the Cycling Competition where Riders will navigate through scenic streets within the city and stunning landscapes, pushing their limits on every climb and descent.

This event invites cyclists to push their limits across the breathtaking terrains of Jos Plateau, promising to be an exciting demonstration of athleticism and stunning scenery.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a beginner looking for a fun day of bicycling, this race has something for everyone. Mark your calendars and prepare to ride!

Expect exhilarating competition, camaraderie, and the unmatched beauty and loving people of Jos Plateau.

Kromc Sports’ help ensures that the event is well-organized and that all participants have an excellent experience.

Cyclists of all skill levels are invited to celebrate outstanding performance and cycling devotion.

For further information and to reserve your position Call 08034162948, 08032837890, or 08035776834

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