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Plateau: Youth Leader Corrects Narratives, Disproves False Claims Made Over Recent Attacks In Mangu

In a remarkable event, Mr. Dawap Sunday Dankaka, the Mwaghavul Youth Leader, delivered a devastating presentation over the recent attacks in Mangu Local Government Area (LGA) which occurred in January, 2024 that claimed many lives and properties destroyed.

Clusterchannel recalls that Equity International and CYPA Africa organised a world Press conference at the Crispan Hotel to discuss the recent spate of killings in Plateau State.

Equity International Initiative is a community of young change makers that is non-governmental, non-profit civil society organisation committed to changing and reshaping the future of Africa using young people as a catalyst.

Based on different Narratives regarding the incessant killings which erupted in Mangu LGA, Equity International Initiative invited survivors of these attacks to share their experiences.

The Youth Leader from the affected community, Mr. Dawap Sunday Dankaka accompanied by survivors strongly denied the claims made by the Nigerian army over the supposed killing of a native. During the conference, he presented the alleged victim in an effective attempt to discredit these charges.

During his speech, Mr. Dawap Sunday Dankaka emphasised the necessity of eliminating misunderstanding about the unfortunate events in Plateau. He underlined the importance of truthful reporting in revealing the genuine character of events.

The survivors gave first-hand experiences of the recent attacks in Mangu LGA, providing a terrifying insight into the struggles that the community that was affected was facing. Their attendance emphasised how urgent it is to address the region’s security crisis and pursue justice for the victims.

Equity International provided a forum for elevating the voices of individuals who were directly affected by the violence and challenging any narratives that might not be true to the situation on the ground. The gathering demanded that the recent incidents be thoroughly and impartially investigated, and it urged the government to act swiftly to address the security issues in Plateau State.

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