Plateau woman cries out after friend who advised her to leave her husband has moved into her house

A Plateau State born woman who was living happily with her family in Lagos, has cried out after her best friend who is also from the same state, advised her to leave her husband for cheating on her and the said friend has moved into her home six months after she moved out.

The lady who gave her name as Grace Davou, reached out to Plateau Watch to cry out over the betrayal by her one time best friend, Linda Rindam, whom she claimed advised her to leave her husband, but unknown to Grace, Linda was having a secret affair with her husband.

This is what Grace told Plateau Watch:

“My name is Grace Davou, from Plateau State. I want Plateau Watch to help me bring my story out there for our people to know what a fellow Plateau woman whom I took like a sister did to me.

“I was married with three beautiful children to a man from Benue State but now, my marriage has hit the rock, no thanks to my so called sister and best friend, Linda Rindam who is from Langtang North.

“I met Linda over 10 years ago when I was still single and since we are from the same state, we became friends and very close to the point where many people thought we were blood sisters.

“She was my chief bridesmaid during my wedding and had free access to my house even in my absence. The only problem I had with Linda was that she was never serious with any relationship as she kept so many boyfriends.

“Even at close to 40 years, Linda was never in a serious relationship as she kept jumping from one man to the other, including married men. Little did I know that one day, it will be my turn.

“My problem started when I suspected that my husband was having an affair with one of his town’s woman. I confided in Linda thinking she will help me talk to my husband since they are close.

“After a while, Linda confirmed my fears when she brought me evidence that my husband was actually cheating on me. She showed me photos of my husband and the lady. One day, Linda called me to meet her at a hotel and when I got there, she told me my husband and the lady were inside a room in the hotel.

“We waited for them and behold, after about two hours, my husband came out of the room with the lady. I was so mad and wanted to charge at them but Linda held me back.

“I was so devastated I could not go back home that night and went to spend the night at her place.

“As I cried my eyes out that night, Linda kept telling me to leave my husband for a while so he can come back to his senses. Stupidly, I took her advice and the next day, I went home after my husband had gone to work and packed a few things and went to my cousin’s place to stay with my children.

“Linda promised that she would talk to my husband and make him realise his mistakes and come to beg me.

“But that was not to be as barely a month later, a neighbour called to tell me that my “sister” was actually staying in my house. I did not believe the woman, so I called Linda to find out what she was doing in my house in my absence. But she cut the phone on me and refused to pick further calls.

“The next day, I went to my house to find out for myself but can you believe that Linda refused to open the door for me? The biggest surprise was my husband telling me from the window that if I did not leave, he would come out and beat me to death.

“It has been six months now since Linda took over my home and all efforts to get her out has proved abortive.

“Please I want my people to advise me on what to do.”

How would you advise Grace on this issue?

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