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Plateau State create collaboration with Houston, Texas, USA to develop industry

Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang has led a crucial partnership between the state and the City of Houston, Texas, which is a vital step towards launching Plateau State into a future of progress and prosperity. Through this relationship, Plateau State‘s energy industry, port infrastructure, healthcare, and agricultural economy are all intended to be strengthened.

The state of Texas, in the United States of America, offers a wealth of potentials that are ready and safe for investment and economic growth, according to Governor Mutfwang at an official meeting with Christopher Denon, Director of Trade and International Affairs, City of Houston.

Governor Mutfwang emphasised the Plateau region’s edge in hydropower plants, stressing that this project will catalyse industry, consequently boosting the state’s economy and domestic revenue collection.

Additionally, he emphasised the significance of standardising agricultural products, particularly those from Plateau State, so that agrobusiness owners could take advantage of the AGOA plan and draw sizable amounts of foreign direct investment.

The Director, Christopher Denon, expressed gratitude for Governor Mutfwang’s visit and noted that Houston is the world’s energy centre and that it also possesses the world’s largest port and medical facility.

He made it clear that Houston was keen to work with Plateau State by contributing their skills to advance the state’s growth.

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