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Plateau: PDP Youth Leader Advocates Rerun Election Voting Strategy, Encourages Peace

Youth Campaign Leader for the Plateau PDP Asks for Support in the Rerun Election for Allied Candidates.

The PDP youth campaign leader on the plateau, Mr. Hitler Pwajok, has energised the party’s youth to back candidates in the next rerun election who share the PDP’s values.

Mr. Pwajok called on all young PDP members to vote for Daniel Asama of the Labour Party in the Jos North/Bassa House of Representatives rerun election and Prince Dachung Mwadkon of the ADP for the Plateau North Senate, in accordance with the party’s directives.

Speaking to a group of youth leaders and the newsmen on Thursday, February 1st, 2024 at the Azi Nyako Youth Centre in Jos, Plateau state, Pwajok expressed disappointment over the possibility of the PDP losing better representation and the absence of an independent, seasoned candidate for Plateau North.

“We are pained by the injustice done to us as Plateau has been in the eye of the storm for obvious reconcilable reasons,” Pwajok lamented. Despite Plateau North nominating a candidate with capacity and experience, he highlighted the unfortunate circumstance of being unable to elect a representative with such qualities.

Mr. Pwajok, who felt that the party was being unfairly treated by having their representatives removed from the rerun polls, advised young people to behave responsibly and appealed for peaceful elections.

“We call on President Bola Tinubu to strengthen Nigerian institutions to ensure that people are not deprived of the opportunity to vote for their candidate of choice,” Pwajok emphasized.

Asserting their resolve, Pwajok stated, “We have all sent messages to leaders across Plateau and that we will stand against oppression by voting for the friends of the party in person of Prince Dachung Mwadkon of ADP for senate and Daniel Asama of the Labour Party for the Jos North Bassa House of Representatives rerun election.”

Following the court of appeals’ nullification of Senator Simon Mwadkwon’s and Representatives Musa Agah’s elections, recent developments revealed the PDP’s exclusion from the upcoming February 3rd rerun elections for the Plateau North Senatorial District and the Jos Bassa House of Representatives.


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