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Plateau organ harvesting suspect, Noah Kekere, granted bail

Noah Kekere, a quack physician charged with organ harvesting in the state, has been granted bail by a Plateau State magistrate’s court sitting at the Jos Metropolitan Development Board.

According to Plateau Watch, Mr. Kekere has been detained since being taken into custody by the police in September.

After the remand request expired, according to information obtained by our reporter, attorneys appeared before the judge to ask for an administrative bail.

Additionally, it was learned that the suspect had not yet been charged by the state ministry of justice.

Despite the fact that Mr. Kekere’s case was not on the case list for Tuesday’s court sessions, Chief Magistrate D. Chollom, the sitting judge, heard the bail application and granted Mr. Kekere a bail.

Two sureties were required as part of the bail requirements, one of whom had to show a Certificate of Occupancy and the other of whom had to be a traditional authority in the state.

Since then, the suspect has met the requirements.

According to Plateau Watch, the construction caused unease in the Nassarawa Gwong neighborhood of Jos North Local Government Area.

Jamilu Baba, a community leader, was asked by Plateau Watch how the suspect was taken to court when the matter was not on the case list.

Additionally, he claimed, “there was no police prosecutor present at the court, and the accused’s attorneys only presented a motion without even charging them, and the judge granted the bail.”

The community leader continued by saying that they will seek justice from all appropriate national authorities.

When contacted, DSP Alfred Alabo, a spokesman for the state police, said that they were no longer in possession of the prosecution file.

The Plateau State Ministry of Justice has received the case. They are bringing the matter forward. I informed you that they are handling the case’s prosecution,” he said.

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