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Plateau N5Billion Palliative Allocation: Gov. Mutfwang Provides Clarity Regarding The Disbursement

The Plateau State Government has clarified the disbursement of a substantial 5 billion Naira allocation for palliative measures across the country. Out of this allocation, the state said it has received 2 billion Naira, marked by a 52% grant component and a 48% loan component.

Highlighting the allocation’s transparency, Governor Caleb Mutfwang of Plateau State addressed the public during a speech at the reconstituted Plateau State Elders Forum meeting held at the Banquet Hall of the New Government House in Little Rayfield, Jos, on August 21, 2023. The governor assured citizens of the responsible handling of the allocated funds.

A significant portion of the allocated funds, 1 billion Naira, has been earmarked for the purchase of locally produced rice. This strategic move aims to invigorate the local economy by promoting the circulation of money within the region. The commitment to supporting local businesses was demonstrated as 3,000 bags of rice were procured and subsequently distributed to various Local Governments across the state.

Governor Mutfwang reiterated his dedication to ensuring the proper utilization of the 5 billion Naira allocation, stating, “Not a single kobo of the 5 billion Naira will be misused.” This proclamation underscores the state government’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and efficient resource management.

Furthermore, in pursuit of comprehensive and impactful relief measures, a committee has been established to advise the government on a range of palliative options. These measures will encompass various sectors, with a focus on promoting the welfare of different segments of society. The committee’s agenda includes discussions on enhancing student bursaries, facilitating access to subsidized fertilizers for local farmers, and addressing other vital components within the constraints of available resources.

Governor Mutfwang concluded his speech with a strong statement of resolve: “By the Grace of God, we will do this responsibly.” This affirmation reinforces the state’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens and the prudent administration of allocated funds.

As Plateau State takes proactive steps to boost its local economy and ensure equitable support for its populace, the government’s transparent approach and dedication to effective governance serve as a model for responsible resource management.

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