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Plateau Govt. Seek for calm over Nigerian First Lady’s Intervention for IDPs

The Federal Republic of Nigeria’s First Lady, Her Excellency Senator Oluremi Tinubu, generously donated N500 million to internally displaced persons (IDPs) and victims of attacks in Plateau State, drawing attention to the issue among the general public regarding the list of recipients of aid.

These monies are meant to help those who have suffered because of the security issues that have led to the loss of life and property in a number of local government areas throughout the state.

The administration and citizens of Plateau State once more express their sincere gratitude to Senator Oluremi Tinubu for her thoughtful intervention. We want to make it crystal clear that the narratives and list that are now circulating on social media are tainted with errors and should be disregarded. They are supported by people who are determined to undermine government attempts and work to improve the situation of the victims.

We want to reassure the public that we are actively working closely with the First Lady’s office to make sure the financial aid reaches the most disadvantaged people who have been negatively touched by the regretful violence and communal attacks in our state.

It is significant to note that the initial gift, a bank draught, was given to Barr. Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, the Executive Governor of Plateau State, without naming any beneficiaries.

The government called a meeting on September 14, 2023, with the chairmen of the Transition Committees and traditional leaders from the concerned Local Government Areas to make sure the intervention is actually distributed. The goal of this meeting was to review the list and correct any errors to make sure that the money was going to the people who really needed it.

In addition, the government and a bank are working together to open accounts for those who do not already have them. Direct distribution of the monies to the targeted recipients will be made easier as a result.

We sincerely implore all citizens to maintain their composure and support the government’s attempts to enlist the aid of sympathetic people, charitable institutions, business enterprises, and international organisations. We can reduce the pain of the displaced people living in our state by working together.

You can trust that the Plateau State Government would uphold accountability and openness in this endeavour. The moment has come to come together and create a wealthy Plateau.

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