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“Plateau Govt. Promotes Over 3,000 Local Govt. Staffers”, Says Chief Tangni, Service Commission Boss

The Plateau State Local Government Service Commission (LGSC) has promoted 3300 of its staff members to various positions, with 27 employees being promoted to Grade Level 16.

This announcement was made by the Executive Chairman of the Commission, Chief Simon Tangni, during a meeting with the Acting Directors of Personnel Management (DPM) of the 17 Local Government Councils (LGCs) in Plateau State.

Tangni expressed that the promotion is part of the efforts of the Governor Caleb Mutfwang’s “Time is now Administration” to break the tradition of employees reaching Grade Level 15 and advance deserving workers further.

He emphasized that the goal of the newly inaugurated LGSC is not to change the people or the system, but to improve the system’s functionality and work together with employees to achieve the commission’s objectives.

Tangni assured the DPMs that cashiers will be assigned to the LGCs and encouraged them to take their roles seriously and work diligently.

He also promised rewards for hard work and improvements in the welfare of LGSC workers.

The promotion letters were handed out to some of the newly promoted officers by the chairman and other officials present. The Director of Administration (DA) and Acting Permanent Secretary, Mr Pyalson Yohanna, reiterated that the commission has been fulfilling conversion and promotion requests and will continue to do so.

The National Auditor of the Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Comrade Shamdong Jepca Ayuba, commended the efforts of the Governor, Chairman, and commission and acknowledged Plateau State as the fourth state in Nigeria to break the cycle of stagnating LGC workers at Grade Level 15.

The Deputy NULGE President of Plateau State, Comrade Josiah Simput, expressed gratitude for the promotion and emphasized their support for the government’s initiatives.

The meeting was attended by the Acting DPMs of the 17 LGCs and various commission staff members.

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