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Plateau Govt Launches MSME Policy

The Plateau State Government officially launched the Plateau State MSME Policy at the Banquet Hall, New Government House, Rayfield.

The event commenced with a welcoming speech from Hon. Bomkam Ali Wuyep, the Director General of PLASMIDA. Hon. Wuyep expressed his delight at this significant milestone in the collective efforts to foster a vibrant and resilient MSME sector within Plateau State. He extended heartfelt gratitude to Governor Barr. Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang for his unwavering support and visionary leadership, which have been instrumental in shaping the new policy. Hon. Wuyep commended the Governor’s dedication to creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive, recognizing it as a guiding light for their endeavors.

Furthermore, Hon. Wuyep acknowledged the relentless efforts of Architect Samuel Jatau, the Chairman of the MSME Council, and his distinguished council members. He praised their dedication, insight, and tireless work, which were crucial in formulating the policy. Hon. Wuyep emphasized that their collaborative spirit and strategic vision paved the way for today’s celebration.

Hon. Wuyep also extended his gratitude to their valuable partners, particularly the GIZ SEDIN team, whose expertise and unwavering support significantly enriched the development of the Plateau State MSME Policy. He highlighted that their partnership was a cornerstone in ensuring the policy’s robustness, inclusivity, and responsiveness to the needs of MSMEs. He also commended the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and perseverance of Plateau State’s MSMEs, acknowledging them as the lifeblood of the state’s economy.

Architect Samuel Jatau, who represented the Executive Governor Bar Caleb Mutfwang who is also the Chairman of the MSME Council and Secretary to the Government of the State (SGS), in his speech appreciated the gathering for celebrating a milestone in the economic development of Plateau State. He noted that the launch of the MSME Policy sets a precedence for economic innovation and empowerment in the state.

Architect Jatau emphasized the critical role MSMEs play in driving economic growth, creating jobs, and fostering innovation. He stated that the new policy is designed to address the unique challenges faced by MSMEs and unlock their full potential, thereby contributing significantly to the socio-economic development of Plateau State. He detailed the comprehensive framework of the policy, which includes initiatives to enhance access to finance, infrastructure development, regulatory ease, market access, and innovation and technology.

He credited the success of the policy formulation to the dedicated efforts and support of several key stakeholders, including GIZ SEDIN, MSME Council members, PLASMIDA, and MSME clusters. He highlighted the policy’s aim to create a conducive environment for MSMEs to thrive.

Barr. Akinropo Omoware, the Head of Component Business Environment Reforms, Investment and Infrastructure, and a representative of GIZ SEDIN, also spoke at the event, further solidifying the collaborative efforts involved in the policy’s development.

The launch event, which was attended by various stakeholders and partners. This marks a significant step towards economic development and empowerment in Plateau State. The newly launched MSME Policy promises to provide the necessary support and opportunities for MSMEs to flourish, thereby driving the state’s socio-economic progress.

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