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Plateau Deputy Governor Applauds Nurses Role in Healthcare Delivery

Mrs Josephine Piyo, the Deputy Governor of Plateau State, commends the important role of nurses in society for their significant impact on patient health outcomes.

Nurses, she notes, provide high-quality care and expert health advice, playing a critical role in patients’ experiences by offering them hope and support during challenging times.

Mrs Piyo emphasizes that nurses also serve as health advocates, educating the public and patients on injury and illness prevention, participating in rehabilitation, and providing care and support.

Piyo considers nursing to be one of the most crucial professions, with nurses praised as the true heroes of healthcare due to their selflessness in prioritizing patients’ needs.

She expresses her gratitude to nurses who incorporate their faith into their work, highlighting the importance of their role in caring for patients and spreading the word of God, which helps strengthen patients’ faith and creates a healing environment.

The Deputy Governor, on behalf of the State Governor, promises that the present administration will elevate the nursing profession to esteemed positions in the state.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Fellowship of Christian Nurses, Plateau State Chapter, Evang. Abalis Dasat, states their aim is to equip and build the capacities of nurses and other health workers to care for the whole person (spirit, soul, and body).

The fellowship’s mission, vision, activities, and programs aim to advance the kingdom of God while working alongside the government and relevant agencies for sustainable development.

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