Plateau deputy Gov. visits family of man killed by mob in Jos, demands culprits’ swift arrest

The Deputy Governor of Plateau State, Mrs Josephine Piyo, visited the family of Thomas Fwinbe and expressed her condolences for the loss of their son, Fwinbe Gofwen, who was killed by a mob on Monday at the Domkat Bali Road in Jos.

In a statement, Piyo called the young man’s death as sorrowful and expressed remorse that his life had been taken in an unjust and wicked way.

The deputy governor urged security services to act right once and hold those responsible for the heinous act accountable while praying to God to offer the victim’s family the strength to endure the irreparable loss.

She urged residents of the state to uphold the state’s reputation for communal living and peaceful cooperation by acting as their brothers’ keepers.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Mr Simon Gofwan thanked the state’s government and deputy governor for sympathising with them during their difficult time.

Gofwan urged the government to take steps to guarantee that the assassins of their son are apprehended and forced to bear the costs of their crimes.

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