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PLASIEC and IPAC Collaborate to Enhance Electoral Integrity in Plateau State

The Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC) is taking proactive measures to ensure the forthcoming local government elections are transparent and credible. During a recent meeting chaired by PLASIEC Chairman Hon. Plangji Daniel Cishak, key strategies and plans were discussed with members of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) and various political party representatives.

Chairman Cishak emphasized the importance of the collaboration between PLASIEC and political parties, stating, “We are here to serve the political parties and, by extension, the people of Plateau State. This meeting is crucial for us to align our objectives and ensure that the elections are conducted to global standards.”

Cishak acknowledged the challenges of the electoral process but expressed confidence in the commission’s ability to overcome them. He highlighted the robust support from the state government, noting, “His Excellency Barr. Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang has given us a free hand to operate and assured us of the necessary support to succeed.”

The chairman also introduced plans for a five-year election project, aiming to establish a consistent election cycle and reduce the need for interim arrangements. He outlined a vision to enhance the commission’s independence, develop a comprehensive database, and introduce technology in phases to improve election management.

In his address, IPAC Chairman Hon. Chris Hassan praised the composition of the new PLASIEC team, describing them as “people of integrity” and commending the governor for their appointment. He emphasized the critical role of a robust electoral institution in maintaining the stability and security of the state.

Hon. Hassan also reflected on past election challenges, underscoring the importance of transparency and fairness. “Voter apathy arises when results are manipulated. We must ensure that the upcoming elections are credible and reflect the true will of the people,” he stated.

Both leaders expressed a shared commitment to working closely together to achieve the goals of democracy and effective governance in Plateau State. The meeting concluded with a tour of the PLASIEC facilities and an inspection of the commission’s operational readiness.

As the local government elections approach, the collaborative efforts between PLASIEC and IPAC aim to set a new standard for electoral integrity in Plateau State, reinforcing the democratic process and ensuring that the voice of every voter is heard.

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