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Over 190,000 To Benefit From The Scale Up Renewed Hope Cash Transfer On The Plateau

According to the president, the renewed hope conditional cash transfer programme is an immediate intervention to cushion the effects of the removal of the petrol subsidy and other economic shocks, earlier this year Mr president has “Decent Work and Social Protection: Putting dignity in practice for all” is in perfect alignment with the renewed hope agenda which his administration would lead from the front in ensuring that all Nigerians have opportunities for dignified work and sustained social protection as a means to fight against poverty in the country.

“Let us continue to work together to achieve our collective goal of eradicating poverty in Nigeria.”

NCTO plateau state cash transfer unit (SCTU) NASSP holds scale up training on enrollment of beneficiaries of the RENEWED HOPE CASH TRANSFER which Mr president promised to capture 15 million households, and the 15 million households are to benefit as the result of the fuel subsidy removal as that will help to cushion the effect, the decks officers and the CTS of the 17 local government of plateau where trained, according to the state head of unite Mrs Hilda Buenyen in an interview said the training is a refresher training. And she said names of beneficiaries are drawn from the national social register.

Mr Hilda Buenyen head of unit SCTU

According to Mrs Hilda the president objective is to lift millions of Nigerians out of poverty. Yet, this will only be possible with the cooperation of the people we seek to help.

Speaking further more the head of unit of the state conditional cash transfer said most of the beneficiaries that will benefit are drawn form the national register and new ones will also be enrolled and the first face will be for 3 months but the target is for 6 months which Mr president said under the renewed hope cash transfer the amount has been increased to 25,000 for each household and to run for months after which the other ones that have been enrolled and captured will start to benefit according to her is to spread it across for more of the poorest of the poor to benefit, and the training of the local government deck officers and CTS is to enable them meet of with the current upgrade of the scheme and how to go about it during the exercise in the field.

According to Mrs Hilda the renewed hope cash transfer is the theme for the new administration that the hope we have before is now renewed that is know matter how the difficult times are we have hope that it will get better, so they are just expanding on what the president has said the renewed hope cash transfer is part of the president program for the poor and the vulnerable, she also said they have been on the conditional cash transfer they have been the state since 2017 but that is NASSP 1 and now is scale up above what they are use to doing before. “So the scale up is to cushion the effect of the fuel subsidy removal and with this they know that they can better the lives of the poor and vulnerable in the society, so that the effect of the fuel subsidy removal will not be felt as bad as it is that is the aim of the Mr president. 

The conditional cash transfer facilitators that have been working on the conditional cash transfer but they want to refreshing the memories on what they are doing before because for some time they have not been in the field, and the refresher training is to refresh their memories so that they can go back to the field and continue what they us to do the scale up enrolling beneficiaries after now, and according to Mrs Hilda the national cash transfer office are they ones responsible for the training but they are the step down in the state. Because the national cash transfer office have directed them in the state to train facilitators to go to the field to enroll new beneficiaries for the NASSP scale up, speaking further Mrs Hilda said before now during the condition cash transfer they have 74,000 beneficiaries spread through the 17 local government of plateau state but for now she said the plateau state have over a hundred and ninthy thousand 190,000 beneficiaries are hat will enroll to benefit from the renewed hope cash transfer. 

According to Mrs Hilda the good news for the renewed hope cash transfer is that before they use to give 5,000 per each household but now it has increased to 25,000 per household that the s the scale up and after that they will keep on enrolling more beneficiaries until they reach. The 15 million which the president siad and the scale up is for 6 months 3 months after which is he will enroll another beneficiaries. 

Also speaking in an interview with one of the facilitators Fibi Dalyop the management information system specialist for plateau state state cash transfer program and she is the person currently facilitating the training of the economic shock response for the state, she said the intend to teach the CTF the cash transfer facilitators on what the program is about and first to give them the background and the purpose of the program and teaching them how to go about carrying out the tasks and fro the training and what they show the CTF has really done well and are ready for the tasks ahead of them.

Bashir Adamu deck officer of JosNorth local said the refresher training has really refresh them and they are ready to go to the field and enroll the beneficiaries which are drawn from the social register and those they will enroll with the new scale up for the renewed hope cash transfer which Mr president promised to meet up over 15 million households to take them out of poverty and with the refresher training they are ready to work.

The training which is a scale and a refresher training was cut across the 17 local government areas of plateau state and Mrs Hilda Buenyen and used the opportunity to work hard as usual to meet the desired target of the poor and vulnerable.

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