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No Terrorist or Bandit Should Go Unpunished – Defence Chief

General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), has tasked operational commanders to make sure that no terrorist, bandit, or criminal is spared in their respective domains of authority.

At the first Defence Headquarters Joint Task Force Commanders Conference, with the theme “Towards Enhancing Joint Task Force Operations for National Security,” held in Abuja yesterday, Musa issued the instruction.

“I want you to remain focused, dedicated and committed towards ensuring that we achieved the mandates of the president that no terrorist, bandit, or criminal should be spared,” he said, adding that the order was in keeping with President Bola Tinubu’s directive to the armed forces and other security agencies to deal decisively with all threats to national security.

He emphasised his belief that the information learned, the connections made, and the concepts developed during the conference will considerably improve the efficacy and success of ongoing joint activities.

“One of the most important lessons from our conversations has been the value of teamwork.

“As leaders, it is essential that we promote a climate of collaboration, synergy, and cooperation among our personnel.

“We can optimise our collective effect and accomplish our common goals by tearing down barriers, sharing resources, and utilising each other’s skills.

“Let’s bring this ‘jointness’ spirit back to our different task forces and incorporate it into how we work every day.

The necessity to change the various operations’ organisational structures was also observed and would be taken into account, he added.

In order to achieve operational effectiveness across all theatres of operations, Musa gave the commanders assurance that all identified operational issues would be resolved.

Additionally, he exhorted the commanders to always empower and inspire their people to think creatively, question received wisdom, and accept change as they work towards continual development.

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