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Massive Protests rocks Jos Plateau after PDP National Assembly members Sacked by appeal court

Massive protests occurred in Jos City in response to the recent ruling by the Appeal Court that dismissed PDP lawmakers from the Plateau State National Assembly, particularly at Old Airport Junction and Maraban Jos.

A surge of public protests has occurred throughout the city in response to the Court of Appeal’s decision, which declared the PDP lawmakers’ election victories invalid. Many locals’ strong worries and disagreement of the court ruling are expressed in the protests.

The ruling by the Appeal Court altered the political climate in the Plateau and had an impact on the representation of PDP legislators in the National Assembly. The PDP had not followed all legal procedures during the electoral process, the court said.

Protests have therefore broken out at several of Jos City’s main intersections. Through their acts, the demonstrators are voicing their dissatisfaction with the judgement and providing a visual representation of the public’s response to the recent court ruling.

The community’s strong feelings and reactions are highlighted by the protests at Old Airport Junction, Maraban Jos, and other key areas. Many reactions have been sparked by the Appeal Court’s ruling, and the public protests provide a forum for people to express their worries and dissatisfaction with the rulings made during the judicial process.

See Some Photos From the Protest:

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Fb Img 1699446760553
Fb Img 1699446781133
Fb Img 1699446809521
Fb Img 1699446793880
Fb Img 1699446818360
Fb Img 1699446836822
Fb Img 1699446839745
Fb Img 1699446843438

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