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Lawmaker Empowers 3,000 Constituents in Plateau, Fostering Growth and Progress

Senator Diket Plang, the elected representative for Plateau Central in the State, has displayed his commitment to the welfare of his constituents by providing much-needed support to over 3,000 individuals.

This significant empowerment initiative primarily targets those severely impacted by the crisis in Mangu local government area and other areas within his jurisdiction.

During the unveiling of the empowerment program in Mangu local government area of the State, the Senator expressed his deep concern over the recent unfortunate events that occurred in the region.

He emphasized that the devastating blow had greatly impacted the people, particularly the farmers, who lost their lives.

These individuals were known for their agility and vitality, making the loss even more tragic.

He added that the killing was a big surprise considering the prevailing peaceful atmosphere in the council before the unfortunate development, adding that the people are naturally peaceful, hence why there are people from all walks of life in the area.

According to him, in the first phase of the program, no fewer than 3,000 people, mostly women, will benefit, and a cross-section of them will be trained in one vocation or another to enable them to adjust to life after the traumatic experience of the unfortunate incident in the local government.

“My heart is with you, I will not abandon my constituency, the mandate you gave me to represent you at the senate will not be abused because of the trust you have in me.

Among those who contested for this seat, you chose to go for the least likely candidate, which is me. I will always remain grateful and therefore will not disappoint you.

“It is necessary that those elected into political offices need to be closer to their people in times like this because they sacrificed for us to be elected. The crisis has a devastating impact not just on the people of the immediate community but on the general population of Nigeria.

“We don’t pray for this kind of thing to happen again, but as the representative of the people, I will stand by you in this very difficult time. With the project of today, over three thousand people will be credited with a certain amount of money; what will be disbursed will be about N48 million.”

The Senator assured the people of his constituency of his continuous support and collaboration on this quest for economic liberation and sustenance.

Senator Plang added that it is apt at this critical moment to get people involved in various entrepreneurial ventures as well as acquire basic skills capable of making them drivers and triggers of economic revolutions adding that the empowerment programme involves digital marketing and production of other basic amenities such as soap, detergent among other in both Mangu and Pankshin local government area of the state.

He said:” President Bola Tinubu meant well for the Nigerian, though the tough times are around, but the tough times are for a better day.

With the removal of petroleum subsidies, things will get better soon. What we need to do is exercise patience.

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