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Jos Wildlife Park Authorized Tree Falling: Protecting Our Environmental Heritage

The Jos WildlifePark‘s recent authorised tree falling is something that the Plateau State Tourism Corporation would like to address.

This decision was made after thorough examination of the potential threats posed by specific trees that were already falling or in a weakened state, endangering surrounding buildings and public safety.

The Corporation recognises and values the public’s interest in and sense of responsibility for conserving our shared environmental heritage. We share your concerns and are dedicated to protecting our park’s natural beauty and ecological balance.

It’s worth noting that the choice to cut down these trees was not made lightly. Our team performed detailed examinations and evaluations to identify trees that were already falling or drying out and judged unsafe. We are proactively guaranteeing the safety of guests, personnel, and the adjacent structures by removing these trees.

The Corporation is still committed to protecting and conserving the park’s natural resources. We recognize se the importance of preserving a healthy and vibrant ecosystem in order for wildlife and humans to coexist peacefully.

We shall continue to prioritise the preservation and repair of our environmental legacy in the future. To maintain the park’s long-term well-being, we are actively investigating strategies to replenish felled trees through tree planting programmes and engaging in sustainable forestry practises.

We encourage the public to join us in protecting the beauty and natural balance of Jos Wildlife Park. Your ongoing interest, comments, and active engagement are critical to our common mission to save our environment for future generations.

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