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International rescue committee sets aside $250,000 for victims of plateau crisis

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) said on Friday that it has set aside $250,000 in emergency assistance money to help those affected by the current crisis in the Plateau State region of Mangu Local Government Area.

Babatunde Ojei, the country director for IRC in Nigeria, announced this in a statement. He said the support was intended to address the urgent needs of displaced people, including safety precautions, economic recovery, and development, as well as the integration of safeguarding principles across all intervention programmes.

“The current crisis has seen a distressing surge in casualties, property destruction, and mass displacement,” he said, noting that Plateau State had a long history of bloody battles. Since the fighting started just over 4 months ago, there have been nearly 200 fatalities and numerous unaccounted-for deaths.

“These attacks have affected 48 settlements, some of which are still inaccessible, making it difficult to determine the exact number of victims. The IRC has increased its financing commitment to Plateau State in response to this worsening humanitarian situation in an effort to better meet the rising needs for water, food, and shelter.

“The situation in Plateau State is critical and calls for swift intervention to help those caught up in the ongoing strife. Women and children have been the most adversely impacted by these crises, which have lingered for far too long and have resulted in unfathomable economic losses.

“We demand a practical strategy to bring about enduring peace within the state. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) also exhorts all parties to conflicts and other interested parties to look into measures that can help put an end to the conflict in the area, according to Ojei.

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