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Hon. Bagos Urges Constituents To Ensure Sen. Mwadkwon’s Victory

Hon. Dachung Musa Bagos, the former member of the Federal House of Representatives for the Jos South/Jos East Federal Constituency in Abuja, has once again urged his devoted supporters to turn out on Saturday, February 3, to show their support for the PDP by voting Sen. Simon Mwadkwon, the esteemed senator representing the Plateau North Zone.

Together with a few other important party leaders, Hon. Bagos addressed at a town hall gathering today as the PDP conducted its campaign at the various local governments. He gave them the assurance that voting for him would be a positive affirmation of the excellent job being done on the Plateau by the PDP government, which is led competently by His Excellency, Barr Caleb Mutfwang.

He therefore urged his supporters to cast a large number of ballots for Sen. Mwadkwon in order to humiliate the opponents of Plateau State and ensure our continued victory, trusting in God.

Thank you to all the party leaders who attended the town hall meeting to support Sen. Mwadkwon and the PDP, Hon. Bagos said. He expressed his gratitude to them for their genuine and profound unity, sacrifice, and solidarity.

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