Help us beg single girls to leave our husbands alone – Concerned Jos Wives cry out

A group of women who call themselves “Concerned Jos Wives” have cried out over attempts by single ladies to take over their husbands.

The group, in a ‘Save Our Soul’ message sent to Plateau Watch, lamented the fact that single women in Jos are destroying their homes and causing their husbands to stray.

The message said the single ladies have made their husbands neglect their duties of taking care of their families.

“We, the Concerned Jos Wives are appealing to single ladies to leave our husbands alone.

“They have caused a lot of havoc in our homes and families. They have brazenly vowed never to let us have peace in our marriages. Instead of looking for single men to marry, they are running after our husbands.

“They don’t care about about the pains and agony they are causing us and our children. Our husbands no longer take care of their responsibilities. Any money they have, they lavish on these single ladies. Some of them don’t sleep at home again or they come back very late every night.

“We are tired and that is why we are making this appeal to single women to leave our husbands alone. But if they refuse, whatever action we take should not be blamed on us,” the concerned wives said.

Now, the question is:

Who should we blame for this?

1. The single ladies

2. The wives

3. The husbands

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