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Group berates Gagdi over public disrespect for Plateau Gov. at Puusdung festival, demands apology from Ngas Nation

The Chalbak supreme council of Ngas affairs has been notified to the indecent, reckless, odious, vexatious, and barbaric utterances of a national assembly member, Hon Yusuf Gagdi, in which the office of the legally elected Governor, whose person and representative was ridiculed at the annual Puusdung Festival in Panshin on Saturday.

In a statement issued by the Protem President, Chalbak Supreme Council for Ngas Affairs (CSCNA), Mr. Nenrot Wuyokwe said that It is embarrassing and deeply depressing that such reckless, vile, and uncharitable attitude was demonstrated in full front of the leadership of the Ngas Development Association, the NDA, who organised the event that invited the Governor.

The NDA leadership either summoned the governor to mock him on purpose, or it sees a better authority in the figure of an infantile arrogant politician who represents them in the lower chamber of the National Assembly.

We strongly condemn Gagdi’s ridiculous statements, which have become his disgusting trademark, and whose failing attempt to achieve a political purpose at the event would cause him to disrespect the Governor and his representative on such an occasion.

Gagdi, who took the stage, made nasty and ill-conceived remarks that are profoundly insulting of the people’s mandate, Gov. Caleb Mutfwang, by describing him as a “temporal Governor,” which to us symbolises a stupid adjectival description.

This is, in our opinion, excessive arrogance. This is contempt of court for an issue that is well beyond the authority of any interested party to play with. Speaking as if he is the grand Patron of the nation’s judiciary, Gagdi needs to be called to order by the state’s security agencies because we cannot have two captains in a ship at the same time. We should not be a part of any plot to destabilise the people-oriented government, which was brought on board by the extraordinary grace of God and overwhelming popular support.

Gagdi is too simple to degrade and denigrate the coveted office of a popularly elected governor by casting aspersions on his office or any federal government institution.

As a group of responsible patriots, we regard such a declaration as not only democratically barbarous and irresponsible, but also extremely degrading to the State’s number one seat of power.

Governor Mutfwang, who was duly elected, legally declared winner, sworn-in, and validated by the State Election Tribunal, deserves to be treated with dignity as the state’s number one citizen. Any disgruntled party has the right to challenge the tribunal’s ruling, but not to descend to the level of irresponsible statements.

As a Federal member representing a segment of Plateau population that is eight times the size of the governor’s constituency, we expect decent democratic behaviour from Gagdi.

His leprous behaviour is reminiscent of someone with little or no democratic training and a vulgar show and misuse of political opportunism with an urged debilitating democratic opprobrium of irresponsibility.

We feel he is in a better position to respect leadership and constituted authorities, both of which he benefits. It is sad that, rather than using the podium he was given to promote the peace and objectives of the highly esteemed Festival, he chose to engage in a reverse gear of uncultured training by spouting stupid words that are unfit for his standing and Office.

Until this year, the highly regarded Ngas Pusdung Festival of Arts and Culture, which is famed for preserving the Ngas people’s traditional heritage, had never witnessed such immaturity by one of its guests and claimed representatives. The Festival is held annually and attracts people from several districts of the Ngas Nation and neighbouring tribes.
Until this year’s edition, this historic festival had no religious or political associations.

Pusdung has long been a place for the Ngas Nation to come together and celebrate its rich cultural heritage, but a frustrated politician decided to highlight his lack of patriotism and divisive tendencies.

In light of the foregoing, we demand a public apology from the Ngas Development Association (NDA), the organisers of Pusdung, on behalf of our highly revered august visitor, Governor Mutfwang, for allowing Hon Gagdi to use their platform to rain uncontrolled insults on the governor, his representative, the Secretary to the State Government, Arch Samuel Jatau, and, by extension, the law abiding Ngas sons and daughters present.

We feel that the NDA should show nonpartisan interest in its work, but we were surprised to see the contrary. We are not shocked that only Apc stakeholders and past office holders were honoured at an event that should have been attended by all Ngas sons and daughters. Even serving government commissioners were not recognised during the ceremony.

Addressing the well-structured Governor Caleb Mutfwang as a “Temporal Governor” without quickly distancing themselves or denying his comments speaks much about the entire situation.

There is no solid basis to justify the NDA leadership’s corroborative loud silence in this matter.
Ngasland’s unity was never established on the ideals of any political party or politician, and thus no attempt should be made to attribute it to any partisan connection.

The Ngas Nation, which is an integral part of Plateau state and is known for its legendary respect for legally constituted Government authority, cannot and must not allow Gagdi to hijack its festival ground for incendiary remarks on the person and office of the state’s number one citizen.We agree with the notion that power originates from God and is given to whoever he chooses without anyone’s approval; thus, we will not allow any additional statements that are degrading to established authority. ENOUGH OF THIS.

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