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Group Applauds Gov. Muftwang Over Peaceful Rerun Election In Plateau

Governor Caleb Muftwang of Plateau State has received praise from the Lead Trustee, Intercontinental Leadership Initiative, for preventing a crisis following the PDP’s removal from the ballot and for creating an atmosphere that allowed for the orderly rerun poll to take place last Saturday.

Convener Prince Stafford Bisong, who made the commendation on Monday during a news conference following the rerun election in Jos, Plateau State, stated that Nigeria is not an exception to the rule of law being the cornerstone of any democratic society that hopes to prosper.

Thus, he pleaded with Nigerians to uphold and respect the rule of law, adding that the government’s judicial branch, which is sometimes referred to as the last resort for the average person, needs to once more demonstrate that it is, in fact, that branch.

“The judicial arm of government must operate in tandem with upholding the rule of law even in the effective delivery of judgment in the law court. Permit me to say that a typical example of inconsistency on the part of the judiciary can be traced back to the judgment(s) recently passed down on the governorship petition tribunals in Kano State, Nasarawa State and Plateau State.”

Prince Bisong also applauded the security agencies for providing adequate security during and after the last Saturday re-run elections in Plateau State and commended the citizens of the state who actively participated in the democratic process by coming out to cast their vote peacefully and stayed informed about the issues that shape the society.

“Your votes and voices matter, and your engagement is crucial to the vitality of our democracy. Although there was a low turnout of voters and a display of voter apathy, there were also cases of insufficient voting materials in some polling units,” he said.

He went on to explain that the institutions that support democracy are what give it strength. He urged all parties involved—government agencies, the media, and civil society—to value and support these institutions and to remember that their independence is essential to maintaining the integrity of the democratic process.

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