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Gov. Mutfwang of Plateau extends retirement age for teachers to 65

With effect from October 1, 2023, Plateau State Governor and attorney Caleb Mutfwang has raised the retirement age for teachers from 60 to 65.

This is in keeping with the administration’s “The Time Is Now” strategy education, which is increasing the quality and inclusivity of education for children in the state, as the Governor has also generously consented to undertake teachers retirement rationalisation in 2022.

Inform the teachers gathered to celebrate World Teachers Day in 2023 that Governor Mutfwang is a special guest at the event, which will be held at Township Stadium in Jos on October 5, 2023.

The governor, who was represented by the state Commissioner for Higher Education Mohammed Yalum, stated that the purpose of raising the state’s teacher retirement age is to allow experienced educators to continue working with children after retiring from the classroom to fill administrative roles.

He added that the additional five years should only be used for teaching in public primary and secondary schools and emphasised the need of older instructors with a wealth of experience.

No nation, according to Governor Mutfwang, can rise above the level of education, and sustainable growth can only be achieved in Nigeria with a population that has received a good education.

instructors in the twenty-first century were tasked with being proactive and smart to keep up with emerging trends in international education.

The teacher of the twenty-first century, according to him, should focus on helping students develop their cognitive skills so they can become independent and self-actualized.

The education we seek would also be competitiveness-resistant in the global village now that artificial intelligence has been introduced, so our 21st century teachers should strive to provide students a fresh understanding of the world.

According to him, his administration will marshal out measures to take system with credible self-conscious to meet up with 21st Challenges in teaching profession in order for the government to reverse the shortage of teachers in the state.

The State Chairman of NUT Kafas Nanbang extends congratulations to educators everywhere on World Teachers Day, which is observed annually on October 5th.

urged the teachers to hold onto hope because there was light at the end of the dark tunnel.

He continued by saying that he does not share the belief that instructors will receive their rewards in heaven and that he is firmly convinced that they will instead receive them here on earth because they have already paid their dues and their rewards should be here.

Dr. Ishaya of the University of Jos’ department of education proposed in a paper presentation for the occasion that the government devote 20% of its annual budget to education, in accordance with the UNESCO standard.

Grade Two teachers should be reinstated, training for teachers should be made available to education students, teachers’ salaries should be prioritised, government officials should be required to enrol their children/wards in public schools, the proliferation of unions should be regulated, professionals should be employed in the teaching profession above all else, and teachers should be trained and retrained in accordance with international best practices.

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