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Gov. Mutfwang claims security officers know masterminds behind Plateau attacks

The recent attacks in two Plateau local government areas killed over 200 people and displaced hundreds.

Plateau State Governor Caleb Mutfwang has alleged that the perpetrators of recent attacks in the state are well-known to security personnel.

The Governor further reiterated his belief that the ongoing attacks on the Plateau are acts of terrorism.

He stated this when appearing on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Friday, January 12, 2024.

On Christmas Eve, gunmen went on a rampage in Bokkos and Barkin-Ladi local government regions, murdering over 200 people and displacing others.

Speaking on the incident, Muftwang said, “What I can tell you is the killings in Plateau and the attacks in recent times are pure acts of terrorism,”

While insisting that those sponsoring the terrorism are known, the Governor cautioned that the earlier the country deals with the menace, the better for everyone.

“I believe that the sponsors of the terrorists, the financiers of the terrorists, and those who arm the terrorists are known.

“And the security agencies know them or they have the capacity to know them. And that is why we are insisting that the security agencies must do their work, which is to protect lives and properties,” he maintained.

Mutfwang also reacted to his victory at the Supreme Court, which reversed an appeal court verdict that sacked him. He noted that the feat shows that hope is on the horizon for Nigeria and that things can get better.

“It has brought out in me some positive energy that we can be able to change the Nigerian system. I have always been an incurable optimist that Nigeria can change,” he added.

“With what I saw in the Supreme Court, it raises that hope further that if the Supreme Court can get it right, the judicial system will get it right, the administration of justice will get right.

“It therefore means that we can cascade this into other spheres of our national development. I believe that with the lot of things that are happening now, some of the corrective measures Mr President is taking means that change is possible,” the Governor concluded.

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