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Fulani clan urges relatives of herdsman killed in Plateau to “forgive”

The Coalition of Fulbe Professionals in Africa (COFPIA) has pleaded with its members not to use the alleged murder of a herdsman, Malam Adamu Gabdo, in a rural community near Mangu Local Government Area in Plateau as justification for breaking the law.

In a statement released on Sunday in Jos by its National President, Malam Mohammed Tilde, the organisation made the appeal while assuring its members that security personnel are trying to apprehend the killers of the herdsman.

The herdsman’s murder was termed as brutal and heartbreaking by COFPIA.

It stated that Gabdo had lately returned to the neighbourhood after security agencies’ peace-building initiatives had helped to bring about a modicum of calm there before he was cruelly murdered.

The incident was characterised as a setback for local peace.

“The horrible murder of one of our members saddens COFPIA. In the greatest terms possible, we strongly condemn the incident.

“The deceased just returned to the neighbourhood following a number of peace-building initiatives launched by security services, particularly Operation Safe Haven (OPSH), which helped to bring about a comparatively calm environment.

“The incident is a setback to the peace already achieved in the locality,” he claimed.

Tilde, on the other hand, praised the OPSH staff for their quick action in locating the perpetrators of the horrible act.

“Despite how challenging it is, we find solace in the actions taken by security services, particularly OPSH, to identify and apprehend those responsible for the state’s ethnic unrest.

“Given the zeal of the security agencies coupled with reports from our Mangu chapter, we are satisfied that the criminals will be brought to book in no distant time,” he said.

He urged its members in Nigeria to maintain peace and follow the law, noting that security forces were making every effort to apprehend the offenders.

“Nobody should try to enforce the law on their own; the incident was committed by a small number of criminals in the area who weren’t acting on behalf of the neighbourhood as a whole.

“We must see this as a straightforward criminal act that has no place in our society.

“We kindly appeal to our kinsmen to forgive and work closely with the security agencies to unravel the true identity of the criminals involved,” he said.

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