Fragments of reality art exhibition to hold 7th Oct. – 25th Nov. | See full details

We are thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to you for the upcoming art exhibition, “Fragments of Reality,” co-curated by the esteemed Dolly Kola-Balogun.

This event promises to be a captivating exploration of contemporary art, offering a unique perspective on our shared experience.

Details of the exhibition are as follows:

Event: Fragments of Reality Art Exhibition
Curator: Dolly Kola-Balogun

Date: 7 October – 25 November
Time: 3pm to 7pm
Venue: Kristin Hjellegjerde gallery
Address: 2 Melior Place, London bridge

A series of figures – rendered in a blazing colour palette of red, blue, orange and yellow – emerge from or descend into textured, abstract backgrounds. These are the personal memories of the London-based, Nigerian artist Ken Nwadiogbu – portraits of ephemeral moments that have burnt themselves into his mind and continue to shape his perspective of the world around him. “Fragments of reality,” Nwadiogbu’s first solo exhibition at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, reflects on the artist’s experiences of adjusting to life in London, of building a sense of community and longing for home.

We cordially invite you to join us for an exclusive press preview of this exhibition. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the curator, interact with the artist, and gain insights into the inspiration behind his works. We believe your presence will add a valuable perspective to the coverage of this exceptional event.

There’s a lot to love at Ken Nwadiogbu Studio, visit www.kennwadiogbu.com

Connect with the Curator via; 



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