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Five-year-old child allegedly abducted, killed by two teenage boys in Jos

It has been alleged that two teenage lads, ages 15 to 17, abducted a 5-year-old youngster who was a known close neighbour. The horrific event took place in the Plateau State village of Bukuru Gyel in Jos-South. October 23, 2023.

The specifics of this incident were disclosed by a local, speaking to Tudun Wada Broadcast in confidence. The youngster was allegedly abducted by the lads when he was by himself in the house, and they later demanded N5 million in ransom from the family.

The family, in a desperate attempt to ensure their darling child’s safe return, managed to gather N1.6 million. The unexpected result was that they were given the child’s deceased body along with some purportedly missing pieces. It was said that “They killed him because he had seen their faces” as the justification for this atrocity.

There were concerns regarding how these two juvenile suspects who had perpetrated this crime were apprehended and prosecuted. There are rumours that the lads gave the police an account number for the ransom payment, which helped them track down and capture them—though specifics are still scarce.

Since then, the juvenile suspects have been taken into custody by the Jos-South Criminal inquiry Department (CID) while the inquiry is ongoing into this deeply distressing incident.

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