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Father murders his day-old baby daughter because he prefers male child

Misbahu Salisu, 28, is accused of poisoning his day-old baby girl to death because he preferred a male child.

On Friday, the Kano State Hisbah Board arrested a man from Doka Baici, Tofa Local Government Area.

The board reported his arrest in a statement made in Kano by Dr Mujahid Aminudeen, Deputy Commander General, Operations.

Aminudeen stated that the suspect informed board officials that he had given the baby a local insect killer, Otapiapia.

“Salisu also drugged the baby’s mother, Sa’ade, with a cup of tea laced with sleeping pills before committing the crime.”

“The suspect confessed to the crime, saying he preferred a male child but his wife gave birth to a female, prompting him to end the baby’s life,” according to the official in the statement.

The suspect, he said, has been turned over to police for further investigation and prosecution.

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