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Displaced Plateau Residents Prepared To Return Home After Bandit Attacks, Says Army

There have been no fewer than 17 settlements in the Mangu Local Government Area (LGA) in Plateau State relocated to allow for the return of internally displaced people to their own homes following recent attacks.

This information was provided to internally displaced people who have not yet returned to their towns by Maj Gen Abdulsalam Abubakar, the general officer commanding three division of the Nigerian Army and commander of Operation Safe Haven in Mangu.

Several communities in Mangu LGA have recently experienced bandit raids that have resulted in the loss of lives, destruction of property, and the displacement of hundreds of people from their ancestral homes.

The state administration, concerned citizens, and organisations have offered assistance to the displaced people who are dispersed throughout different institutions in Mangu and are suffering as a result of the extreme weather.

In its efforts to purge the neighbourhoods of criminal activity and make them safe for residents, the Joint Security Task Force, Operation Safe Haven, has made some notable progress in both kinetic and non-kinetic operations.

The task force provided some humanitarian supplies to the affected people as part of non-kinetic operations as a temporary measure to lessen the impact of hardship brought on by displacement.

Noodles, rice, beans, vegetable oil, and other consumables were distributed to displaced people at various locations in addition to offering health and security services to the displaced.

In addition to requesting security presence in other towns that are at risk of assaults, Markus Artu, the chairman of the Transition Implementation Committee in Mangu, expressed appreciation for the Joint Security Task Force operation in the region.

The Joint Security duty Force and the state administration have the difficult duty of making sure that all illegally occupied settlements are safe for displaced people to return to their original homes in the impacted areas with sufficient security.

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