Chivido 2024: Davido’s Baby Mamas Who Lost Out

The wedding of Nigerian Afrobeat sensation, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, and his longtime partner, Chioma Rowland, aka Chef Chioma on Tuesday, June 24, has no doubt, left a couple of ladies heart broken.

The young man, while sowing his wild oats as a single and eligible bachelor, had had his fair share of the female folks, some of whom threw themselves at him with the hope of being the chosen one.

Some deliberately had babies for him and promptly became what is popularly known as ‘Baby Mamas,’ while some decided to spill the beans after dating him in secret.

And whenever such sexcapades blows up to the public domain, the social media will go into a frenzy. Davido would become the trend for days with sensational headlines.

In all of these, Chioma kept faith and like the proverbial patient dog, kept her cool and on June 24, 2024, ate the fattest bone when she and Davido got married in what turned out to be one of the most celebrated wedding ceremony witnessed this year.

PlateauNewswatch.com brings you a list of Davido’s ladies and baby mamas who lost out of the chance to get hooked to the billionaire superstar.

Sophia Momodu

Sophia Momodu is by a mile the most celebrated and popular baby mama who bore Davido his first offspring, a baby girl named Imade.

The two were young love birds when she had the baby for him and many thought Davido would do the right thing by getting married to Sophia, but along the line, things fell apart for them and they went their separate ways, though with lots of scandals accompanying their break up.

Davido even had a line in a song where he insulted Sophia’s uncle, Dele Momodu, a popular Nigerian journalist and publisher of Ovation Magazine.

According to close sources, the two met in a club in the US and one thing led to another resulting in a pregnancy.

At first, Davido was said to have denied responsibility but after the intervention of his family, especially his father who did not want any stain on his image, he accepted the responsibility to become a father after the DNA test announced him responsible.

In the past few weeks, the two have been engaged in an acrimonious battle for Imade’s custody with Davido dragging Sophia to court seeking custody of the child.

But insiders insist the battle is beyond custody of his child as they swear it has to do with Sophia denying Davido access to her body.


Shortly after Imade was born,
Davido, still in the early days of his career, struck again
This time, a lady named Amanda came out to claim he was the father of her baby.

As in the case of Sophia, Davido denied responsibility and opted for a DNA test which once again, turned out to be positive and he became a father for the second time.

The baby girl was named Hailey Adeleke and joined the famous lineage of the Adelekes as Davido’s second offspring.

Chioma Rowland

The luckiest of the lots,
Chioma Rowland is today Davido’s lawfully wedded wife and should not be on this list but as far as Davido’s baby mamas go, she was the third to have a child for him, though the child named Ifeanyi, tragically died after drowning in his billionaire father’s swimming pool last year.

However, Chioma has always been Davido’s favourite girl and had lived with him all through his philandering ‘career’ and deserves the enviable position of a wife.

To show that his heart belongs to Chioma despite his atrocities, Davido did a song titled “Assurance” which he dedicated to her and incidentally, the track has become one of his best and biggest songs which has won him multiple awards.

Larissa Yasmin Lorenco

Little was known of Larissa Lorenco, an Angolan-born London-based make-up artist and DJ, until it was discovered that she had become Davido’s baby mama number four.

Larissa came out in 2021 to claim that she had given birth to a baby boy named Dawson and that the Omo Baba Olowo (OBO) was the father.

As usual, he promptly denied paternity but Larissa insisted on a DNA test and it also turned out to be positive and yet again, another child was added to Davido’s growing dynasty.

Ayotomide Labinjo 

Not much is known of Ayotomide who also had a baby for Davido, thus qualifying to be on the list of his baby mamas.

However, there is a debate as to who had his first offspring between Ayotomide and Sophia.

While many believe that Imade is Davido’s first child, some who have inside knowledge of the Adeleke family swear that Ayotomide, a businesswoman and model, gave Davido his first baby named Aanuoluwapo Adeleke.

Though the child has been shrouded in secrecy, sources say Ayotomide had, in 2013. claimed that she had a sexual affair with the very young Davido when he went to Ibadan for a show which resulted in the pregnancy.

After a series of denials, a DNA test was reportedly conducted with the result proving 99.9 percent positive that Davido was the father.

However, those in the know say Davido has refused to be identified with Ayotomide and her child.

Anita Brown

Anita Brown had stirred the hornet’s nest sometime last year when, in an Instagram live session, claimed she was pregnant for the “Unavailable” crooner.

The self-styled “Child of God” who also claimed Davido had promised her marriage, reached out to a couple of Nigerian bloggers who helped her escalate the story after she vowed to bring down the Afrobeats star for putting her in the family way and abandoning her.

Inconsistent with her claims, Anita initially retracted her statements for some reasons, insisting that her social media account was hacked. But she would later tender evidence in the form of pictures and videos and screenshots of her conversation with the Nigerian singer as proof of their relationship showing she has been in touch with the music star concerning the pregnancy.

Anita also posted pictures of herself and Davido together, claiming to have first met him in Dubai in 2017. As further proofs of her claims, she shared a video of her backstage while the singer performed at one of his shows in 2018.

As expected, Davido denied being responsible for Anita Brown’s pregnancy and till date, much is not known of the final outcome of the saga.

Ivanna Bay

Shortly after the Anita Brown saga, a French lady identified as Ivanna Bay, also came out to accused Davido of impregnating her.

Making her allegations on social media, the Paris-based Ivanna said she had an affair with Davido when he came to France for a show, resulting in the pregnancy.

Like in Anita’s case, Ivanna also shared evidence of her alleged correspondence with Davido on Instagram and WhatsApp about her pregnancy.

After Davido denied knowing her, Ivanna went on a tirade on Instagram and expressed her disappointment as she cautioned women to be careful of the singer.

“I’m just so disappointed in this kind of man. Women be careful! God bless you,” she wrote.

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