Celebrity Q and A Comes Through With Renowned Stylists ‘Buray’ | WATCH

Celebrity Q and A make an excellent return as they hosted renowned Fashion Designer and Stylist known as Buray.

Celebrity Q and A is a TV show and also interview platform where celebrities talk about their careers and their journey thus far. This program has hosted different entrepreneurs, music artists, Movie directors among others making positive impact in contributing to the growth of Nigerian industry. Such individuals include Dimbo Atiya, a renowned filmmaker, Jesse Jagz, A Rapper and Music Producer, Jonn Ogah, A musician and so on.

On this Brand new season of Celebrity Q and A, This season premieres with an exclusive episode featuring celebrity stylists and designer Buray of house of Buray. listen to him talk about fashion and the business of it, follow the link, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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