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Caleb Mutfwang‘s Rail Transport Scheme

As anticipations about the revival of the rail system of transportation hit Jos city, Plateau state capital, concern citizen named Mr. Dogo Nanzing among his team took a tour to survey the ongoing development.

Mr Nanzing took to his social media handle stating that “we took a tour of the train terminal in jos to get a first-hand appreciation of the rehabilitation of the trains to be used for rail transport in Jos”

“The first point of call was the administrative building housing the ticketing room, security, and the rail line administration offices housing all manner of administrative officers. I realized the building is wearing a new look, the paint job has been done, and next will be equipment and furniture”

“Outside the building, plans have been concluded to evict traders and makeshift shop owners domiciled within the parameters of the terminal. I understand eviction notices have since been served to traders and business owners plying their trade within the vicinity of the terminal”

Contrary to the lies being peddled by very unfortunate APC apologists who feel threatened by the development the Caleb Mutfwang administration is bringing to the state, two train engine heads are on the ground with six coaches with each coach having a sitting capacity of 90 passengers (abeg no ask me about the standing passengers, e fit be 200 standing and 90 sitting par coach).
The seats have all been removed and upholstery work is being done. Inside the coaches, the electrical fittings have been fixed, and LED lights installed.

The rail line from the train terminal through UTC to Dogon Karfe, Bukuru Station Kuru, and Vom is receiving serious attention as there are gangs of rail workers working on replacing fittings stolen by vandals ( e plenty) hopefully, in the next couple of days or at most a week we will have our trains working, ferrying passengers and goods from different train stations across Jos / Bukuru metropolis.

After 8 wasted years, Plateau finally has a Governor who knows what governance is all about. The rail transport business is the most monopolized sector in the transportation industry, breaking through is not as easy as it seems and the cost of having these trains working again is very high.
However, Caleb Mutfwang came fully ready and well-prepared for the job he was elected to do. The governor has made the impossible possible and soon when these trains start working, they will provide cheap transport for the public, create jobs as well as generate much-needed revenue for the state.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t like Caleb, as long as you love Plateau, you are the reason he is working so hard.

Credit: Dogo Nanzing

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