Brymo’s 2023 Order Concert was deficient compared to its previous edition

A headlining event that may have delivered more was flawed as a result of the Sonic artist’s turbulent year, which was marred by several issues.

The first day of October 2023 found sonic artist and performer Olawale Ashimi lfr, better known by his stage as Brymo, headlining a performance that he dubbed “order.” For those who are familiar with the singer-songwriter, this is a customary tradition for the holiday.

Formerly known as “organised chaos,” the headline performance by the accomplished singer, songwriter, and performer, “Order” was held under that name for the second time on October 1st, 2023. It has grown to be a highly anticipated event, drawing a wide audience of music lovers and admirers of Brymo’s distinctive style. Since its first introduction in 2016, it has steadily gained momentum and success. Brymo pushes limits and creates remarkable experiences with every release, showcasing his development as an artist.

The 2023 edition, which took place at Landmark Beach, provided attendees with an electrifying musical performance that, as always, supported the assertion that the musical artist is among the continent’s top entertainers. Even while that is intriguing, the concert had several glaring issues that detracted from it. This is a review of Brymo’s “order” concert from 2023.

Branding and Partnership

A huge issue for an artist who describes himself as the “most powerful artiste in the world” was the lack of branding or partnerships for Brymo’s subsequent edition, especially after scoring a major screamer at his prior edition.

Attendees were miffed by the lack of any kind of signage (not even a backdrop) or obvious indication of the location. Many spectators unknowingly passed the venue by, only to become confused and have to go back in the same direction.

A bridge constructed over a pool served as the stage, which was much smaller than the one used for the last performance of Brymo. Lackluster stage design not only detracted from the concert’s ambience as a whole, but it also made it difficult for Brymo to interact completely with his audience.


As usual and expected, a brymo concert is always a soul-stirring musical experience that will keep the fans screaming for “more music” and easily give the fans a worth for their money. The 2023 edition saw a handful of performances from other fantastic performers. Tik-Tok trending star Dotti the Deity was a major highlight of the night, with an impressive performance capped with his viral tune Forever Sweet.

Brymo, being one of Africa’s finest stage performers, thrilled the fans with two hours of non-stop music! Although core fans would have deduced that the band (which again was a “new band”) was very bland and for most of the time winged it out throughout the performance, digging a noticeable hole in the whole set. Some fans didn’t get the mind-blowing musical instrumentation and composition they were used to and looked forward to.

Brymo’s songs are usually laced with instrumental interludes, which soak listeners in the beauty of the singer’s art, especially when rendered live. A quick listen to Brymo’s Live! at TerraKulture Arena live album will give context. Unfortunately, that sonic pleasure was missing from the band (which could have been mostly because they were “new”), and for most of the nights, fans had to mime the expected instrumental interludes by themselves. This lack of instrumental accompaniment dampened the overall experience for some fans, who were eagerly anticipating a full immersion into Brymo’s musical world.

Despite the band’s performance, Brymo’s exceptional stage presence and captivating vocals shone through. Showcasing his unique blend of soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, Brymo effortlessly transported the audience into a world of extraordinary musical experiences. Even though he performed for two hours, the fans wanted “more music!”

A subtle display of his enigmatic craftsmanship was when he performed his song Mirage, which was originally written and recorded in English, in Pidgin—a maestro!


Having backslided from being a prompt artiste to a latecomer courtesy of two previous occasions where he showed up late (‘Blasphemy’ on June 25th, 2022, at Terra Kulture, and ‘Order’ on October 1st, 2022, at Landmark Beach), the singer relatively didn’t keep to time again, as a show that was scheduled to start at 8 p.m. didn’t see the headliner climb the stage until several minutes after 11 p.m., rounding up the show at almost 1:30 a.m. the following day.


A Brymo show is always the show to be, and as earlier mentioned, the Sonic Act gave the fans the time of their lives. However, away from performances, the event was generally a disappointment, as it greatly lacked qualities for it to be considered a “concert” not to mention a “successful concert”. For an artiste who has profusely built his brand over the years, with a niche for setting standards, it was obvious that there was a problem with the artiste’s image for the year 2023, and that birthed a subpar headline concert.

It is crucial for Brymo to reflect on this disappointing event and identify the areas that need improvement. Taking the necessary steps to rectify his image and deliver a remarkable concert in the future will be essential for maintaining his reputation as a top-notch artiste. 

Actions will always have consequences, and we hope Brymo goes back to the drawing board to make proper amends.

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