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“Be Proficient In Using Your Weapons”, Maj. Gen. A.E Abubarkar Charges Troops

The General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 3 Division  and Commander of Operation SAFE HAVEN (OPSH), Major General AE Abubakar, has emphasized the importance of soldiers being skilled in using their weapons against enemies of the state and maintaining safety within their ranks.

This charge was given by the GOC on August 25, 2023, at the conclusion of a Bi-annual Range classification exercise aimed at enhancing the troops’ proficiency in weapon handling.

The GOC/Commander OPSH recognized the multiple security challenges faced by the country and urged the troops to become proficient in effectively utilizing their weapons.

He emphasized that continuous training and practice are necessary to develop the professional skills needed to counter these security challenges.

Furthermore, the GOC/Commander OPSH expressed his commitment to ensuring that every opportunity is utilized to enhance the troops’ weapon proficiency.

He stated that constant training is the key to becoming skilled in using firearms.

The Bi-annual Range classification exercise was organized for both officers and soldiers to provide training and improve the effective use of their weapons.

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