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Arik Air pays back a Plateau resident N107,000 following FIJ’s story.

Three months after her Jos to Lagos trip was twice canceled, Plateau State resident Thelma Mbakwe received a N107,000 repayment from Arik Air.

The airline issued the return on Wednesday morning, Mbakwe informed FIJ.

“I’m grateful, FIJ. Thank you for assisting me in getting my money back from Arik Air, remarked a delighted Mbakwe.


Email alert showing refund from Arik Air

In June, the Plateau State citizen bought the airline N107,000 for a round-trip travel ticket from Jos to Lagos.

She had purchased the ticket in order to attend a meeting in Lagos on June 15. She was unable to attend the appointment, however, due to Arik Air’s decision to cancel her trip.

When Mbakwe received news that her flight had been canceled, she immediately contacted an Arik Air customer service agent to reschedule her trip.

The airline would cancel the rescheduled flight, much to her astonishment.

Mbakwe would then send an email to the airline requesting a refund. The return, however, did not occur for three months, until FIJ published a piece on the subject.


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